The women’s sports you simply have to watch this year

There is no doubt that Womens sport is getting bigger and better in the UK which is definitely something to celebrate. Continued success at places like Tokyo 2020, the US Open tennis 2021, Euro 22 are just some of the few major achievements for British women on the world stage. The wonderful efforts overseas only helps to inspire more young girls to get into sport in the UK which is leading to an abundance of elite level sports in the UK. These events however are often still some distance behind their male counterparts on funding, facilities and fans which slows down growth and development of the sport. 

The biggest and most exciting opportunity sits with us fans who can not only attend superb live sport but also know you are developing it for future generations – win win!! Below are the top 4 womens sports we think you cannot possibly miss this year!!

Womens Football and the WSL

This is without doubt the highest quality English football has ever seen in the womens game and that was clear to see over the brilliant summer tournament England have just had. Georgia Stanaway Extra-time screamer during Euro 2022 is evidence of the ability these top class women have as she smashed it from 25 yards across the helpless Spanish keeper. The WSL is home to some of the best talent across the globe with names like Vivienne Miedima, Fran Kirby and new fifa cover star Sam Kerr. The skill and ability is consistent across the league which means every game is competitive and in turn a great spectacle. 

The day out is fantastic. Played in generally much smaller stadiums like kingsmeadow (Chelsea) or Leigh Sports Village (Man United) it allows for a compact but lively atmosphere. It also means drinking on the terraces which is a significant mark against the men’s game in anyone’s book!! Its a friendly and supportive environment making the WSL an amazing family day out and enjoyable for all ages.

And an amazing price! The price of a mens Premier League ticket this season can go from anywhere fro £30 to around £90. Given the current climate and the cost of living crisis, this only prices more people out of what is supposed to be the ‘working mans game’. The WSL offers a significantly more attractive deal with most tickets less than £10 and most childrens ones less than £5. The value for money is unquestionable and another reason as to why we should all check out the WSL this year

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Womens Netball

Continued womens success at the commonwealth games, televised matches on sky sports and significant increased funding, the sport of netball continues to grow in the UK. A fast and frantic indoor sport that provides late drama, supreme athleticism and incredible accuracy, Netball is a sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Often drawing similarities to Basketball, here are our reasons why you will enjoy your next visit to the Womens Super League.

Its intense. The 3 second rule means the clock cannot be ran down, passes need to be quick and accurate which leads to a hugely intense sport to watch. You wont see aimless dribbles or timewasting here just quick decision making and action!!

The restrictions on court also mean that players are limited as to where they can go and who can actually score. What this means is that youll find netball incredibly tactical with players using their brain expertly to weave around their opponents. Superb tactics + immense pace = a seriously good watch!!

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Womens Rugby 

2022 is tipped to be a truly breakout year for Womens Rugby in the UK which is fantastic news for everyone at Stubfindr and fans everywhere. Attendances across Allianz Premier 15 and Six Nations games have continued to grow over the last few years and we encourage anyone to check it out if theyve never been before! Previously most fans were friends or family of the players but a noticeable trend has been an increase in young kids and families attending as they get an opportunity to see their heroes. 

TV coverage and sponsorship (as with many womens sports) are starting to increase for womens rugby but brings with it an array of positive impacts. It allows the professionalism of the sport which improves the level, physicality and spectacle of any sport which is certainly ringing true in womens rugby. The competitiveness of the Allianz Premier 15 and the Six nations has never been higher and is the perfect opportunity for new fans to embrace the sport. 

So every match is competitive and elite standard is great but why else should you get involved in womens rugby this year? Availability and geographical spread of tickets in the UK are excellent. Contrary to the mens game, getting a ticket to this elite level of sport is achievable which offers a great opportunity for a family day out!! If youve ever tried to get hold of a mens six nations ticket for less than your mortgage you will understand the attractiveness of ticket availability!

The final reason that anyone whos been to a womens game will know is the fan interaction. In a mens game where the gap between fans and players is growing, a fantastic element to the womens game is the regularity of fan interaction. At the end of matches and in smaller stadiums, the women heroes will regularly spend time with fans for pictures and a chat which is a special for fans of all ages. 

A great day out of elite sport and one we highly recommend you check out

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Womens Cricket

Cricket is undeniably one of the biggest sports in the UK however still holds a fairly negative impression worldwide of large gap between the mens and womens game. This remains true in the UK despite continued success from England womens teams in test, ODI and T20 in recent years. However having watched a number of womens cricket recently we believe everyone is really missing a trick and heres why we think you need support the womens game this year!!

It is starting to grow in popularity worldwide and with good reason. Introduction of the Big Bash league in Australia, an IPL equivalent in India and The Hundred in the UK there is no denying that a interest for womens cricket is growing. What this means is more sponsorship, more money which leads to more participation and better players and a better spectacle. You could easily point to the wonens world cup final in Melbourne watched by over 80,000 fans in the stadium as a clear sign of improvements in the game. But how does this translate to UK fans supporting the womens game here?

The Hundred is the latest version of cricket that has taken the UK by storm. 100 balls for each side means its quick, its close and its dramatic right down to the final ball. It provides a simply amazing day out with drinking in the grounds, passionate fans and world class cricket all round. The best thing about these events is generally the womens and mens game are played back to back meaning you get the best possible experience and certainly value for money. The womens game is usually the first game on so we really implore you to get your tickets and get down early to see some top class action across both the womens and mens game!!

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