How to get Wimbledon Tickets - The Ultimate Guide

It’s that time of year again; the strawberries are ripening, the pimms flowing and tennis punters are setting their sights on South West London’s legendary lawn tennis institute. While the organised fans will have entered the Wimbledon ballot weeks in advanced (congrats on your levels of organistaion, we’re impressed) and others are gearing up for a late night or early morning of queuing to get a coveted spot, what if you’re still in need in a ticket and don’t want to join the tent queue? Well we at StubFindr are here to help you secure that coveted spot on Henman Hill / Murray Mount / Radicanu Rise, maybe even a seat at centre court (if your budget stretches that far) so read on for our ultimate guide to getting wimbledon tickets.

Centre Court Wimbledon Final

1. Enter the ballot

Yes this is frustrating advice with this years competition just around the corner, especially as the Public Ballot was scrapped for 2022 with tickets carrying over due to the pandemic, but put this tip in your back pocket for next year as the format is expected to return. The ballot usually opens in September and closes in December of the year before via the official Wimbledon Site. There is no charge to enter but if you are successful you’ll be given the opportunity to buy max 2 tickets per household, but you will need to pay in full then and there.

2. Get in The Queue

Now we know that the Wimbledon queue can be an event in itself, but it forms the backbone of Wimbledon and it’s also one of the main ways people attend the event. Now there are some fairly common sense tips with this avenue:

  • Strictly one ticket is sold to each person queuing
  • Weekends and ends of the week are busier than early weekdays
  • Getting there early (pre dawn if you can) massively helps your chances
  • The closer to the big final matches you get the more people in that queue.

So if you’re a tennis purist who is closely following every moment of the ATP World Tour and whose dream is to be there to watch the trophies raised, then you’re going to need to just suck it up pack those snacks, maybe a sleeping bag and a few Pimms tinnies to last you the night and wait out the long queue. But if you’re just in for the quintessential English Lawn Tennis vibes, then save yourself the pain and aim for a Monday early in the competition for a day of tennis whites, strawberries and hopefully spotting the next pro from the outer courts (Pimms tinnies are still advised). 

3. Buy Returned Tickets on the Day

As you have likely seen on the telly, not all of the seats within the main courts are filled during play. On the day, ticket holders may leave before play is completed and they have the option to return their tickets to Wimbledon for official resale. If you’re lucky enough to pick one of these up, you’ll be able to get hold of a seat at one of the main courts for much less than face value and watch the remaining play that day!

4. Buy Tickets from Private Resellers

So we’ve covered off the queue party and the organised people who get lucky in the ballot, but don’t worry, there are still ways you can get yourself a spot at the world’s greatest lawn tennis tournament! Many ticket providers offer resale tickets, which people who are unable to attend the event offer sell through these vendors. This method often comes with quite a high price tag, but it will guarantee you entry on the day of your choosing!

At Stubfindr we work with many ticket providers to find tickets at the best price for you – take a look below at all of our upcoming UK Tennis events, including passes for every day at Wimbledon!

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