Where Can You See Sir Andy Murray 2021

Andy Murray lifting the trophy at Wimbledon 2013

Sir Andy Murray, a British Sporting Hero

Sir Andy Murray is a certified British Sporting Hero and in peoples opinion the greatest British sportsmen of his generation. To be even be mentioned in the same conversation as silky Rog, the tenacious Rafa and the maestro Novak is an achievement in itself. To dominate the sport and become number 1 in his own right, to win 3 grand slam titles during this era is not talked about enough.

When Andy Murray eventually retires (hopefully not soon) – he will be looked back upon as one THE greats, not just in his era but tennis history. And rightly so!!

As he continues to fight back encountering complication after complication, you wonder how does he manage to keep going and keep chasing those grand slams. When he was in tears before the Australian Open in 2019 you thought that was it, this was the end and what an unfortunate way to bow out when he was at the top of his game.

The amazon documentary released last year gave us an insight into what drives him, the belief he has in himself and the dogged determination you need to be elite at any sport – but he has something more. He doesn’t always look like hes enjoying himself, he doesn’t glide around the court like Feds, he hits strange shots but he gets through his matches playing in his distinctive way. Its his attitude and passion that keeps him going in those 5 setters on centre court – down and out yet still fighting his way back in saying to gasquet or Anderson ‘na you are not beating me today pal’

And yet all of this seems like a sweet but distant memory having not seen Muzza grace the court on his own for a long time. The fans are desperate to see him on the grass again, lifting a trophy again, crying again on camera and I think him knowing how much we want him back drives him to recover.

Where can we see him next year?

In August 2020 he beat the first top 10 player since 2017 so is this a sign that we are finally getting back the Andy Murray the British public so deeply cherish?

He is targeting Wimbledon next year as a minimum after his 2nd hip operation in 3 years and seems to be generally making some serious progress. His impressive winner over 5 sets in his first round match gave us a glimpse into the man we want to see back. Will he get back the dizzy heights of number 1 in the world again, it seems unlikely where he will be 34 by the team Sw19 rolls around but certainly challenging on the main stage remains a good possibility.

Murray, announcing that it would be his last Australian Open in 2019.

While the UK is blessed the best grand slam of the year, we are not overcome with other top tournaments for fans to get their teeth into. This means that seeing the main man himself is likely to come at 2 or maybe 3 tournaments – Wimbledon obviously, Queens club (Early June and Wimbledon warm up event) and potentially Eastbourne. When he got knocked out of Queens last year he immediately headed to Eastbourne to get more court time before hitting the centre court of Wimbledon with tennis royalty Serena Williams.

And that is pretty much it. Get your tickets where you can, get in the ballot, queue for ground passes and apply early. Do whatever you can to see the legend on court in the UK again before he eventually hangs up his racket and metal hip!!

An article to Sir Andy Murray – keep being British so we can keep backing you!!

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