Which Team Has Scored The Most Premier League Goals?

A football on a football pitch

Ever since its beginning in 1992, the Premier League has been regarded as one of the top leagues in Europe. Followed by millions worldwide, spending billions on players and stadiums, the Premier League provides entertainment for fans each week. And what is the one thing that football fans love more than anything in the world? Goals, and lots of them. The Premier League is no stranger to goals. It has seen over 28,000 of them by the 49 teams that have graced the division in 30 years. And while every fan has an argument as to who’s the biggest club in the country; stats for the most goals don’t lie. Some clubs you’ll see may never to be seen again, while others have made impressive recoveries to the top flight. You will see the big names you would expect, but the order may surprise you by the 2020.

So which team has scored the most Premier League Goals? – sit back and enjoy the stats.

Most Premier League goals by team moving chart

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