Why You Should Go and Watch Women's Football This Year

In the backdrop of a glorious Euros 2022 triumph on a Sunday afternoon at Wembley, Women’s English football has never been bigger and better in the UK. The Lionesses played with a level of composure, competitiveness and consistency that England football fans are just not used to seeing. Eclipsing Gareth Southgate’s team’s recent achievements by bringing a Euros home is a truly magnificent effort that really does mean football is coming home this year!! 


As soon as the game had finished, Gabby Logan and her team of pundits were quickly drawn to legacy and what this achievement will mean for the women’s game in the UK. It was widely agreed by Ian Wright and Alex Scott that this is hopefully a point in time that we can look back to in 20/30 years as a milestone that truly accelerated the growth of the sport. The focus was on encouraging thousands more girls to get involved from a young age, for schools to ensure football is on the girls PE curriculum and stories of girls being banned from Under 12 boys teams is a thing of the past. 


This will future proof the women’s game in terms of quality and participation levels yes, but how can we all contribute to the acceleration of growth in the sport? The Women’s Super League or the WSL is a perfect place to start.

The last few years has seen more womens games shown live with the support of Sky Sports which has been great as a way to inject cash into the game. Indeed Radio 5 Live, BT Sport and other outlets are also much closer to the WSL too which is an encouraging sign but it is clearly some way away from the state of the men’s game right now. What the women’s games really need to accelerate growth, as agreed by the BBC pundits, is more people to attend live matches. The average attendance at a WSL match is around 2200 people and only 410 for Championship matches and this is what needs to change. By bringing more fans to each game you will generate a snowball effect of more sponsorship, more money for TV rights, better facilities, better coaching, better players, more international trophies and so on and so on!! 


There could not be a better time to follow and attend the women’s club football. A generation of young girls inspired by heroes like Ellen White, Chloe Kelly and Millie Bright whom they can see play live up and down the country each week, it really feels like the perfect time to engage with the WSL!!

So what makes a visit to a WSL game so special and why should you make the 22/23 season the best one yet?

The Quality

Firstly its the quality. This is without doubt the highest quality English football has ever seen in the women’s game and that was clear to see over the brilliant summer tournament we have just had. Georgia Stanaway Extra-time screamer is evidence of the ability these top class women have as she smashed it from 25 yards across the helpless Spanish keeper. The WSL is home to some of the best talent across the globe with names like Vivienne Miedima, Fran Kirby and new fifa cover star Sam Kerr. The skill and ability is consistent across the league which means every game is competitive and in turn a great spectacle.


The Day Out

Secondly its the day out. Played in generally much smaller stadiums like kingsmeadow (Chelsea) or Leigh Sports Village (Man United) it allows for a compact but lively atmosphere. It also means drinking on the terraces which is a significant mark against the men’s game in anyone’s book!! Its a friendly and supportive environment making the WSL an amazing family day out and enjoyable for all ages.


The Price

Finally its price! The price of a mens Premier League ticket this season can go from anywhere fro £30 to around £90. Given the current climate and the cost of living crisis, this only prices more people out of what is supposed to be the ‘working mans game’. The WSL offers a significantly more attractive deal with most tickets less than £10 and most childrens ones less than £5. The value for money is unquestionable and another reason as to why we should all check out the WSL this yearP.

Get Your Tickets for the WSL

 If fans who have never been to a WSL go to just 3 or 4 fixtures this year, we know it will carry the wave of football in England further than it’s ever been. What a genuinely exciting time to be part of women’s football and with so many reasons to go, tell us the first game you are going to?


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