Who Are We?

Our Mission

We want fans to find more sport, and we want sport to find more fans.

What do we mean by this? Our mission here at Stubfindr is to connect fans to sports they know they love but also find sports they never knew they would love.


A hand holding up sports tickets

Our Story

Stubfindr was created with the sole ambition of becoming THE place to go when looking for tickets to live sporting events. We share a love of sport here at Stubfindr and believe that there are so many amazing live events local to us that we just don’t know about, and at the same time big events that we struggle to get tickets to.

With this in mind, we came up with the idea of Stubfindr. A platform bringing together UK sporting events of all levels and disciplines.

Why Choose Us?

Two female football players tackling

Levelling Up Women's Sport

Women’s sport and women attending sport events is starting to become more familiar. However, there is still large under representation both amongst the fan base and in the stadiums. In the Premier League for example, women make up only 19% of stadium attendance. The average stadium attendance for the Women’s Super League is 2100, compared to 38,400 in the Premier League.

At StubFindr, we want to make attending women’s sports events the norm; not just across football, but across all sports.