How To Pick a Winner From The Parade Ring On Raceday

A horse jumping over a fence at the Betfair Chase

The races is a brilliant day out. Dressed in your best, first alcoholic drink at 10am and having a flutter on the horses are just some of the highlights. When it comes to betting, you have many different strategic approaches one could take. You have the statician; carefully studying of the form guide, checking how soft is the ground and whether the horse has worn blinkers before. You have the ‘too drunk to care, Ill bet on the best name’. The ‘If I go each/way on a favourite Ill win some money back for sure’ and many more. Or you could always rely on a mate’s, Dads, Cousin who happens to work in the stable of a 50/1 shot to lose you that money. All solid techniques in their own right to betting but are you missing a trick on race day on how to pick a winner?

Instead of joining the 20 people long queue to the bar or shouting your doomed bets through the window at the tote kiosk. There maybe there is a better use of the 20-30 minutes between races. Let me take you to the fancy part of the course and the parade ring. The area where the horses, looking spectacular are led around to show off their glossy coats, plaited tails and colourful livery. From here you can really get up close to the horses and see the beast you are backing for the big race. Do they look powerful, elegant and calm or are they jumpy, irritated and stressed? As you will see below, picking a winner may be easier than you think. We have some tips below of things to look out for that the form guide and odds will never tell you when looking to pick a winner from the parade ring.

How to pick a winner from the parade ring

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